Terry Towels

A good shower can make your day. Now complement your shower with the soft and energising bath linen collection. Wrap yourself in the best post-bath accessories made with your comfort in mind. Made from thoughtfully chosen natural raw materials following eco-friendly processes, our towels promise nature’s goodness and a premium after-bath experience. Our high-end towels are made using long-staple cotton to ensure absorbency while adding that extra touch of warmth. An epitome of fine taste and splendour, towels from us are super absorbent and soft. Our terry towels are enduring, and multifunctional. For these reasons, they are especially ideal for body cleaning. And of course, we categorize towels for different uses according to their overall performance which depends on their inches, sizes, and the fabric used to produce them. Our towels are crafted from pure cotton and are made from a special dyeing technic where yarns are pre-dyed and then towels take a different dye in the process of colouring. Our special yarn technology allows cotton yarns to absorb more, stay soft and retain their colours after multiple uses. Our towels get fluffier with every wash. Pamper yourself with luxuriously soft towels.
Terry towels
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