Types of Woven Bags


Cotton bags are very versatile and completely in fashion. Our products ensure the best quality of our cotton bags. Our all eco-friendly cotton bags are impressive, made with uniformity and perfection. Our bags are the most economical advertising and promotional medium persistent everywhere. They are easy to carry with a soft shoulder strap, spacious in size, and available in a wide range of colors with trendy designs and patterns. Our Cotton Bags are pocket friendly and highly customizable as per our Customers needs. Our bags are also acclaimed for a trendy and elegant look. Our shopping bags are available in various dimensions, designs, patterns, and sizes. They are sustainable and eco-friendly gifting options and these cloth cotton bags are best suitable and serve the purpose. They are easy and convenient to carry and use. Tailored to perfection, these bags are appreciated for their designs and fine finish. Our bags are of high quality, which ensures the protection of the items and maintains the freshness of the products as well. These are made using superior quality cotton materials that are reliable.
Material : 100% Cotton from 3.5 OZ to 10 OZ

Colour : Natural / Bleached/ Dyed [As per Requirement]

Size : 38x42cm [ Any Sizes as per Customization]

Application : Shopping, Multi Utility

Printing : Silk Screen Printing with Custom Design.


We offer a flawless range of Canvas Bags using premium quality fabrics and yarn. Always in great demand, our collection of supreme-quality products is at par with international standards. Our offered range is available at the best prices, in order to satisfy your budget. Owing to our huge infrastructure, we are capable of meeting the bulk demands of the customers in a timely manner. You can be sure that these would last you a long time made as they are from high-quality materials. Our Cotton Bags with print are extremely stylish and you can be sure that you can use them for most purposes in life. Our cotton bags are perfect for people of every age group whether a teenager or an old lady. Resistant to wear & tear and a completely waterproof nature are the most admired qualities of these cotton canvas bags. Designed with utmost efficiency, these cotton bags are easy to carry and assure utmost strength. We present innovative and trendy bags in the market and customers can choose as per their needs. We are always first in quality standards and give the opportunity to the consumers to shop directly with us. We strive to build a relationship with our valued customers by sharing reliability.

Material : 100% Cotton from 5 OZ to 24 OZ

Colour : Natural/ Bleached/ Dyed [As per requirement]

Size: 38x42cm [Sizes are Available according to custom requirement]

Application : Carrying, Promotion

Printing : Silk Screen Printing with Custom Design.


Looking for a way out of using plastic bags, then cotton bags are for you. It is the best choice if you desire to save the environment and keep it pollution free. Cotton bags of eco-friendly nature and traditional look provide the best and most automatic choice for many users. Discover our beautifully designed and crafted drawstring bags. Not only do our bags come in a wide range of eye-catching colors, but also incorporate images within them. Though the bags appear in a simple form, it is spacious enough to accommodate plenty of things. These are very useful and comfortable to carry. Its string is much harder and exerts the entire load of the bags perfectly. Dropping the items into the bag and snapping the string together is all you need to do with these bags. The drawstring on each ensures secure closure and promises to keep your belongings completely safe. Our drawstring bags are made from a wide range of impressive materials such as Cotton, which makes them superior to the run-of-the-mill products that you usually get in this regard.

Material : 100% Cotton from 3.5 OZ to 10 OZ

Colour : Natural / Bleached/ Dyed [As per Custom requirement]

Size : 38x42cm [ Any Sizes as per customization]

Application : Vegetable Bag, Grocery

Bag Printing : Silk Screen Printing with Custom Design.


We are a reputed cotton drawstring bags manufacturer & exporter in India. We make our cotton drawstring bags with 100% original & reusable cotton fabric. We use premium-quality cotton fabrics to make these bags. The drawstring cord is also made from the same material. If opted for custom print and designs, they can have a gorgeous outlook. The custom-printed cotton drawstring bags can be used for cosmetic packaging purposes as well as promotional giveaway options. High-quality pure cotton string is used as a drawstring. The easy cleaning properties of the bags along with their customizable features make the bags a popular buy. They are also eco-friendly and an excellent alternative to handbags. You can use our cotton drawstring bags as gym bags because they have flexibility and also have easy opening and closing techniques. The bags have a lesser chance of wear and tear and are washable. The biggest plus of our cotton drawstring bags is that they can be customized. You can create your own designs and patterns on the bag and make a statement. You would surely fall in love with the designs we offer. They are available in both traditional and contemporary styles and are sure to make heads turn.

Material : 100% Cotton from 3.5 OZ to 10 OZ

Colour : Natural / Bleached/ Dyed [As per requirement]

Size : 38x42cm [ Any Sizes as per customization]

Application : Gift bag, Promotion Bag, Carrying Bag

Printing : Silk Screen Printing with Custom Design.

Accessories: Rope; Eyelet


The reusable wine bag is another great initiative within this industry that allows people to go green with their daily habits. Indeed, if you want to show you are eco-responsible, then this bottle bag is an absolute must-have. Handy, spacious, and yet fashionable, our wine bags are perfect for accommodating your precious and favourite wine bottle. Our cotton wine bags are designed with high attention to detail that ensures complete protection of the wine bottle from any breakage and spills out. Delve into our incredible product range and you will find wine bags in various styles, forms, and colours. Attached with twin straps, it’s incredibly easy to carry and durable enough to bear the wine bottle load. The bags to carry wine bottles can be made vertically or horizontally depending on your requirement. The fabric by which it is made up of guarantees an eco-friendly and reusable product. Our wine bags are the perfect solution for all your wine-buying needs. The bags are fully customizable to suit your requirements. They come in multiple of colours and are printable with different colours on two sides.

Material : 100% Cotton from 3.5 OZ to 10 OZ

Colour : Natural / Bleached/ Dyed [As per requirement]

Size : 7x34cm [ Any Sizes as per customization]

Application : Bottle bag/ Wine Bottle bag

Printing : Silk Screen Printing with Custom Design.


Our cotton totE bags have become the best alternative to non-eco-friendly plastic bags. Made from cotton, the bags are lightweight and easy to carry. They are washable and soft in texture. You can also be sure that when you take them with you to the market you would be turning heads because of the sheer style quotient of these products The bags supplied are visually attractive and come in various colours and shades. The patterns are unique and come in traditional and contemporary styles. With distinct patterns and unique designs, they are always comfortable to carry. Explore our collection of cotton tote bags today to find the bag that best suits your requirement. These colourful printed tote bags are also an exciting part of this particular ensemble of ours. Carrying your tiffin to your box has never been more fun. Made with eco-friendly Cotton, these bags feature beautiful graphics with fresh cool colours that will amaze all users. Having complementary colours with a wide and long strap, these bags will go best with anything you put one. So, just go and grab the one that suits you.

Material : 100% Cotton from 3.5 OZ to 10 OZ

Colour : Natural / Bleached/ Dyed [As per requirement]

Size : 38x43cm [ Any Sizes as per customization]

Application : Shopping, Carrying, Document Bag

Printing : Silk Screen Printing with Custom Design.

Accessories : Zipper, Webbing


Protect your shoes and boots from scratches, dust, and debris at home or during travel. Great size to hold shoes or small items. Shoe bags are at the most end of the luggage. In simplest terms, a shoe bag is a small, flat, rectangular bag. Most are, unsurprisingly, about the size of either one or two pairs of shoes, with a little wiggle room. Protect clothing from shoes in your suitcase, with our Travel Shoe Bags. We offer best quality of cotton shoe bags using finest quality cotton fabric, which is comfortable to use and are also provided with customized prints as required. Our shoe bags are made with 100% soft and eco-friendly cotton that provides a sturdy build to carry several different items, especially ones for daily use. We believe in providing unique and distinct experiences through our cotton bags so you never have to worry about durability. We provide printed designs that can be colorful and let out your creative side. Ours is the best custom-printed cotton shoe bag that is eco-friendly and on a highly reasonable and attractive price.

Material : 100% Cotton from 3.5 OZ to 10 OZ

Color : Natural / Bleached/ Dyed [As per requirement]

Size: 38x42cm [ Any Sizes as per customization]

Application : Shoe Bag

Printing : Silk Screen Printing with Custom Design.

Accessories : Rope String


Gift wrapping doesn’t get any easier than this. Unlike plastic reusable bags, cotton gift bags can be reused indefinitely. They come in lots of beautiful colours and patterns .You Could Pack your Gifts in these Gift Pouches/ Bags come with a drawstring or zipper which makes it easy to open and close. They are suitable for packing your gifts. When you send home your guests with gifts, these Gift Pouches add Warmth and richness to the gift you present. These Gift Pouches make the gifts you presenting more adorable. Suitable for small home storage products – Anything, from collections to daily usage products and also can be used on festivals and any events celebration occasion, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Anniversaries, Shower, Birthdays, Graduation, etc. Make the gift your are presenting look even more great with these beautiful pouches. On any occasion, when we try to keep the aura and surrounding happy, then choosing these sustainable pouches suits the situation. With the amazing outlook of our pouches, they are designed for both corporate and personal gifting purposes with full of goodies.

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